About the Event

This Is How It All Began!

Imagine getting a refreshing break from your tedious job of programming and finding bugs! How about chasing your hobbies and passions even when you are employed full-time! An ardent desire to realize these genuine wishes actually form the cornerstone of our story about Futsal.

Many of the IT firms overlook the significance of giving creative and sporty avenues to their employees. This is where Bridge Global stands uniquely apart. We believe that happy and healthy employees are the essential success ingredient for any business.

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‘Futsal’ evolved as a thoughtful gesture from this innovative thinking. It aims to create health awareness and promote the importance of sports in an IT professional’s hectic life schedule. It is a cheerful reminder of the importance of investing time and energy in physical activities. After all, healthy mind resides in a healthy body. And if your whole being is a perfect blend of healthy mind and body, your performance and productivity will indeed reach sky high.

Futsal is an exciting and action-packed variant of football that demands lightning reflexes, good ball control, quick strategic thinking, fast tactical decisions and agility. And yes, Futsal is loaded with lots of fun too! From the first event itself (IT Futsal Challenge 2017), we were able to extend the enthusiasm of futsal moments a number of IT firms in Kochi. In 2017, 32 teams electrified the field.

The event is getting better every year. We are introducing ‘Women's Penalty Shoot Out’ for the’ IT Futsal Challenge 2018’. This year will also have more teams and huge prize money.

We are all geared to give you an exceptional futsal experience. Come and show your team spirit and football skills.

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2018 in Numbers











Registration Fee
Futsal : ₹ 1000
Women's Penalty Shoot out : ₹ 1000
TT doubles Men : ₹ 500
TT doubles Women : ₹ 500
Badminton doubles Men : ₹ 500
Badminton doubles Women : ₹ 500
Badminton Mixed : ₹ 500
Badminton Team Challenge
( 2 men doubles, 1 women's doubles and 2 mixed doubles)
: ₹ 2000

15 to 17 & 22 to 24